This process means that we manage the bulk of the work involved in a renovation or new construction project on behalf of you.

Everything from the initial design, through to selecting the items for the space, engaging any trades, placing orders and managing logistics of deliveries as well as managing the timeline and budget. at Maya Design LLC this includes finishing the project with accessories and styling items like cushions, art and decor items.

This service include: design concept development, interior design plans, custom cabinetry design and plan, furniture plans, lighting plans, 3D sketch up renderings, materials and finishes selections, lighting and pluming selection etc.



This service is perfect if you want to refresh, renew or upgrade your entire home or just one space -  kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.

In this service we will help you skip the hassle of potential mistakes that can occur in a project like this. We will help you with material selections, colors, textures, furniture and accessories. We will also make technical drawings and to-scale drawings for the contractor to follow, 3D renderings and elevations so you can truly visualize your transformed home and sit quietly wile it happens.

We can do it in any budget so it is really up to you how deep you want to go.



Whether it's one room or the entire house, We are here to help you with furniture and furnishing design.

We will help you select, order and place everything you need with an organized and personalized process.

In our process we will gather inspiration, decide on color palette and agree on the investment estimate. Then we will start working on detailed design for you where we make all the decisions and selections for the space.