How to prepare to a Reno?

Most people renovate only once in their life, maximum twice and they don’t know how to manage it and what to expect.

The whole house has to be planned in advance, only then can we can actually start the reno and we need to think both practically and in terms of design without one coming at the expense of the other. not to mention the delivery time which can sometimes reach two to three months, Demo phase which can take up to several weeks (depending on the size of the renovation) as well as the installation phase that comes only after the renovation is almost completed.

Well, I did not say it’s simple …

Plan is the key!

How to do it right you ask?

Just hire a designer, She will take care of everything for you, if it’s not an option for you for some reason well, here are some tips:

1. First set a budget and keep in mind that there may be a deviation of 10% -15%, I always prefer the budget to define the renovation and not the other way around.

2. Think about what you like about your home and whether there are items in the house that you should leave that can fit the new design and think about what bothers you and you want to change, make a list (you would of thank me for this one…).

3. Make a list with the use you make in each space, what are your family needs, your habits, this way you can consider them in the planning and not forget to look ahead to a few more years, the children are growing faster than it seems.

4. Imagine your dream home – what it will contain and what it will look like, even if some things seem unrealistic. You may be surprised to find that some things are possible and even at your budget.

5. With all this knowledge prepare a quantities list. This is basically a list with all the items related to the project, everything to buy and also items of labor cost so you know in advance how much it will cost to design your home – demolition, construction, electricity, paint, flooring, tiles, furniture, lighting fixtures And more.

Accurate planning is super super super important !!

This way you will minimize your mistakes,

Good luck with the renovation.



























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