what is your design style?

Modern? Vintage? Eclectic? Contemporary?

What do you like best?


There’s a difference between dressing the space and its style and designing the space. When I meet with my clients first of all I take care of the planning of the space. Trying to meet all their requirements to take care of the functionality of the space. Then, after a final drawing is formed I start peeling the layers to find out their design style, and I do not mean the pillows in the living room or the picture on the wall (either) but what flooring will be in the space, what colors will we use, what lighting will we buy – all these are Part of dressing their home and for me it is a very important part.

How do you know what our design style is?

1.Think about the colors and shades you would like to see in your home, where would you want to wake up every morning? where would you like to go back at the end of the work day? Of course everyone loves something different, think about what would be best for you.

2. Think about the materials you would like to use, what speaks more to you and what less – wood? concrete? stone? metal? glass

3. Think about what kind of atmosphere you would like to see in each of the spaces in the house. There may be spaces that you want to be peaceful and calm and others that are actually full of joy and energy and that’s fine too.

4. Create Pinterest folder. if you read these lines you probably already have one, just go through the pictures and think what you liked about each one? Why did it catch your attention? Why did you choose it? What characterizes your choices?

Good luck,

You are more than welcome to send me your thoughts.


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