Tips for Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the center of our daily routines and the place I find myself the most, this is why when I design a kitchen I make it both beautiful and highly functional.

All you need to do is follow my advice:

  1. Organization – try to store things where you typically use them. the thumb rule is to locate things in a way you will eliminate wasted steps.
  2. Floor plan – keep enough space room between cabinetry and island or any other path throughout the kitchen. The paths in the kitchen should be 42″ – 47″ . This might look like a nice advice but its much more then that, this is super important rule to follow, you would of thank me for this one.
  3. Landing space near appliances – When design your kitchen allow at list 15″ of countertop on each side of the cooktop and refrigerator or even next to other small appliances.
  4. Arrange the Range – plan this area carefully! make sure to store important cooking essentials directly near by, install a pot filler, drawer for spices etc.
  5. Pantry – organize it within reach, consider the needs of your family members, make sure to plan spots for waste and recycling etc.
  6. Electrical Outlets –  don’t forget to install plenty, it would never be to much. put them where you plan to use coffee pot, toaster area, blender etc. , along the backsplash and on the island. For extra customization consider using outfitting drawer with outlets and USB ports to create hidden charging station.
  7. Break Up Cabinets – Even if you need a lot of storage remember that kitchen walls completely covered in cabinetry can appear heavy and uninteresting. Break up long blocks of doors by adding interesting details such as shelving.

I think the kitchen is one of the most worthwhile spaces to invest in, what do you think?

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