How to refresh your home

A lot of people reach out to me and wants to design/refresh only their main area, saying that the rest can wait.

I totally agree with them, It is smart to invest first in the area you spend the most.

So this is how to do it right without braking the bank :

  1. Remove all the unnecessary furniture from the space and leave only the functional ones – less is more!
  2. Invest in lighting – add lighting to the space and replace the existing ones if they dated, this way you create layers of light that you can use in any scenario.
  3. Choose one wall and make it unique and interesting – you can paint it, use paper wall, shelves, set of pictures or any other thing you have in mind.
  4. Add Textile – pillows, carpet, drapery, etc.
  5. Accessories – just make sure they fit to the style and look you already have, they are the ones who bring character  and uniqueness to the space,

Good luck,

You are more then welcome to wright me or send me pictures

Maya Mishol

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